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    Autofrost Vacuum forming offers a dynamic range of custom made plastic products to suite any customers needs. Short and large runs.
  • Automotive Component Fabrication
    Custom made Vacuum formed auto parts for your automotive project.
  • Wide Range Of Vacuum formed Products
    A wide variety of items which can be produced including custom vehicle accessories.

Plastic Vacuum Forming / (Thermoforming) – PH: 02 9774 4556

Plastic Vacuum FormingPlastic Vacuum forming – and thermoforming, is our specialty. Custom to your requirement, we make a plastic template mold of your required object and then a heated sheet of plastic is slowly stretched onto or into that mold. To secure this shape, it is then held in this position by applying vacuum between the mold surface and the sheet. The advantages of Vacuum Forming are:

  • Relatively low cost tooling which makes it ideal for low volume products & prototypes.
  • Fast and effective production for small runs.

Autofrost is an Australian producer of Vacuum formed products and a specialist in vehicle requirements and projects which require a once off or prototype produced job.

Our variety of Vacuum formed jobs include Movie and special effect props, Point of purchase stands, Cosmetic Counter Display Tray, Advertising display boards, packaging industry / protective sleeves, School projects, Medical Equipment, Component covers for machines , 3D Signage, Novelty items, and use for Marine Applications as it won’t rust.

Autofrost are able to offer a low cost solution for all vacuum forming needs because we are the short run specialists. Contact us today for a free consultation on your requirements or simply for more information on our Vacuum form service.

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